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Welcome to the Time Bank Team

If you are looking for the opportunity to create ‘time freedom’ in your life then the information you will find on our website is for you.

The business opportunity with Telecom Plus PLC (the Utility Warehouse Discount Club) is probably the most genuine ‘work from home’ business you will find. The time you put into it and what you want to gain from it is up to you. The choice is yours!

The Time Bank Team philosophy is ‘put time into this business and you will create an income for your deserved ‘time freedom’. Balancing the scales of Time versus Income has become more difficult over the past few years, with many suffering from the J.O.B. syndrome – Just Over Broke.

If you are prepared to create that extra time in your daily/weekly activities to earn extra income for you and your future, then we are looking for you. We will show you, through our experience and knowledge, the ‘Power of Duplication’ and how it works for us.

Tony & Elaine Dryden
Authorised Distributors
The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Tel: 01787 461824 / 320460

Mobile: 07957 855233

Email: thedrydens@uwclub.net